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As a child, I would sneakily take my father's Olympus film camera and venture out into the world to capture my friends, neighbors, and anything else that caught my eye. I was fascinated by the magic of photography and loved the feeling of capturing a moment in time.

One day, while getting my film developed at a print shop, I was approached by a shopper who admired one of my photos and offered to print my entire roll of film for free in exchange for that single photo. I was thrilled by the opportunity and felt like a true artist.

Years later, while working in the modeling industry in the Philippines, I rediscovered my love for photography and became a photography assistant. I worked tirelessly, learning everything I could about the craft, and even submitted my own fashion editorials.

Since then, I've traveled the world as a fashion and portrait photographer, capturing the beauty of traditional styles and blending them with new and modern trends. My goal is to continue creating art that tells a story and captivates the viewer's imagination.

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